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August 31, 2007


A stitch in time

I stumbled over your blog and found it rather interesting don't even know the ABC of stitching and knitting but my mother was vicarious this business. As a child having her make me something was always exciting. But when I reached college she would always make sure to make my clothes a little loose than usual and I always would complain about that! Reading your blog reminded me of my mother. Thanks!

A stitch in time

In my previous comment I meant voracious and notvicarious. Damn this auto spell check!

Mary Ellen

How are the socks going? One of the hardest projects to begin is the second sock. Some of my sock knitting friends have used the technique in which you knit both at once, but I'll stich to mittens. I guess I'm just a knitter who requires more external validation than most. Your blog is a treat to visit!

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